Woit was founded the day after the second
world war ended (13 december 1946) by the woit brothers.

At the outset, the company centred on the sub-contracting and construction
of sub-assemblies for the cycle industry. A small foundry for
casting non-ferrous metals was quickly added.
Over the years, the foundry became specialized in shell
moulding, in particular the casting of aluminium bronze.
Thanks to its close proximity to large contractors such as Fabrique Nationale, Acec
and Cockerill, this small workshop underwent rapid technological development.
In 1988, the expansion of the Woit brothers’ activities gave rise
to the creation of the newly named "Nouvelle Société Woit”.
The new Board of Directors adopted a development policy that focused on :

- Maintaining and developing its moulding technology while
improving processes and moving into the casting of different alloys.
- Ensuring greater value added for the parts manufactured
by offering a comprehensive finishing service and modernizing
the workshops with digitally-controlled machines.

The company now offers an all-inclusive parts manufacturing service,
produces its own die casts and sand and shell moulds, and provides
a machining and assembling service for all metal parts.