Every day, and without even realizing, we are surrounded by parts made out of cast aluminium

Infinitely recyclable, aluminium ranks second amongst cast materials by offering solutions for every type of application.
An adapted alloy is available for each and every application.

Here are a few indicative values for these remarkable alloys

Elastic limit to 0.2% - RP 0.2/N/mm² from 60 to 460
Tensile strength (Rm)/N/mm² from 90 to 510
Elongation at rupture (A5) % from 20 to 1
Brinell hardness (HB) from 35 to 150
Fatigue resistance N/mm² from 35 to 110

Working together, we will propose the alloy most suited to your products and implementing technology.

The countless advantages of aluminium

* A light-weight alternative
* Excellent resistance to fatigue
* Excellent resistance to wear-and-tear
and an extremely tough material
* Easy assembly for soldering, riveting, crimping, etc.
* No weakening at low temperaturesUnlike ferrous alloys,
aluminium is hard to weaken: electric lines, pliers
* High distortion energy: safety parts
* High conductivity: engine parts, radiators
* High conductibility: high-voltage installations
* Excellent corrosion resistance: naval constructions
* Easily recyclable: for materials of the future,
aluminium is infinitely recyclable