Brinell hardness 100 Br Al10Fe 1.5
Recommended for large parts. Used in the chemical industry,
in naval construction and for parts requiring high
resistance to corrosive atmospheres.

Brinell hardness 120 Br Ai10Fe3
Recommended for larger parts that must be able to
withstand high pressures and tough use even in
corrosive atmospheres and under heat,
e.g. chains, gates, worm screws, erosive
liquid pumps, mechanical parts, etc.

Brinell hardness 150 Br AI 10 Fe 4 Nl4
Poor machinability. Excellent resistance to wear-and-tear
and erosion: mechanical safety parts, e.g. pump rotors,
propellers, gears and clutches, valve seats, etc.

At temperatures as low as -180°, bronze achieves
greater tensile strength and elongation at rupture than
those obtained at ordinary temperatures.
Resistance to atmospheric oxidation is perfect at room temperature
and remains at excellent levels under higher temperatures.

NB: These materials cannot be used in the presence of nitrogen at high pressure or temperatures. Corrosive testing carried out on electric railway lines were conclusive and achieved much greater results than other non-ferrous metals. Our capacity: aluminium bronze from 5 g to 2.5 kg and aluminium alloys from 10 g to 6 kg.